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“How to Adjust your Digital Camera Settings
to Take Amazing Photographs
in Days instead of Years.”


Your digital camera has so many settings other than auto that you can use to take great photographs if you know how to use them.

  • If you don’t understand the settings they can be dangerous if you set them wrong.
  • Camera manuals explain the settings in a technical way that is can be more frustrating than helpful.
  • We are going to help you learn how to set your digital camera settings in a logical step by step way with insights that would take you years to discover on your own.

Here’s what someone who has taken this workshop had to say:

  “The photo class was amazing! I have had my camera for almost two years, but had become frustrated that I could not get past basic auto settings. I could not believe everything I learned in your video. I feel like I have a whole new camera with all of the new features I learned how to use!

  Honestly, I feel like you could have charged more than you did and it would still have been more than worth the price. Thank you!”


Would you like to be able to:

  • Go beyond the auto setting and set your camera to take great photographs for different subjects in different lighting situations.
  • Understand what the symbols and buttons on your camera do.
  • Take photographs that make your friends and family say “Wow”.

I put a lot of time and energy into taking what I know about digital photography and making it easy to understand.

  • I have had people tell me that some of my unique ways of explaining photography concepts in simple terms are the best they have seen.

“Jerry takes complex photography concepts and makes them easy to understand. The practical ideas are simple for anyone to use.”
-Richard Carson

You can take this workshop on your schedule, any time of the day or night, anywhere you want, it is very convenient.

  • I have parents with kids that take the course one section at a time while the kids are in bed.
  • They are investing the time so they can capture great photographs of their children through the years to come as they grow up.

When you are learning it is great to be able to try what you have learned about a setting and then come back to review it if you need to.

  • It is also great to be able to come back and review the workshop in a couple of years when you may be photographing an important event or just taking a great vacation.

Digital has so many details that I discovered people in my digital camera workshops felt frustrated that they could not absorb, process and remember all information about the settings they learned in the workshop.
They also felt they would forget a lot of it.

  • I created this video so they could go over the information before they came to the workshop so they would not be so overwhelmed by trying to process all the information at once.
  • They feel much better walking into my photography workshop knowing what we are going to talk about and being able to go over it a second time with me.
  • People told me they had friends and family in other states that would like to take my photography workshop video as well so we put it online.
  • Some people in other states have even taken my online workshop before taking an in person workshop just to feel less stupid in the workshop.
  • Studies have shown that most people forget about 80% of what they learn in any workshop they take in person.
  • That’s losing 80%.
  • With this workshop you keep 100% of the information and it is a great reference any time you want to review it.

Have you ever found a simple solution that took you a lot of time and effort to discover?

  • Sometimes very simple things can make very big differences.
  • Photography has been my profession and passion all of my life and it has taken me many years to learn a lot of the techniques and secrets in this workshop.
  • I can show you secrets about a camera setting that took me years and a lot of trial and error to learn in a few minutes.
  • If your time is important to you this workshop will save you a lot of time and energy.
  • I learned the hard way, I want to show you the easy way.

Each digital camera setting gets it’s own video

  • In each digital camera setting video we have a basic and advanced section.
  • The basic section will apply to both basic and advanced digital cameras.
  • The advanced section will apply to more advanced digital cameras.
  • Some of the adjustments for settings may not be on the camera you own today but may be on a camera you own in the future.
  • We want to give you room to grow.

The Top 10 Creative Digital Camera Settings and more…

  1. Drive Modes: Take a series of photos of a moving subject.
  2. Focus Settings: Focus on a moving subject
  3. White Balance: Get great color in your photos, even indoors.
  4. Quality Settings: Set your camera for the highest quality images.
  5. ISO Settings: Set your ISO to take photos in low light and help stop action
  6. Lens Opening: Blur the background behind your subject.
  7. Shutter Speed: Stop action in your photographs.
  8. Shooting Modes: When to choose Auto, Semi-Auto, or Manual setting.
  9. Light Meter Settings: Measure light in different lighting situations.
  10. Flash: Use flash outdoors and indoors and how to set hot shoe flash.
  11. Learn the #1 rule to recover deleted images.
  12. Memory card and battery tips.
  13. Lens care and much more!

We have parents who want to capture better photographs of their children and family

  • Travelers who want to get great photographs of the wonderful places they go to.
  • Teenagers who love photography and want to learn more.
  • Retired people who want to enjoy a great hobby.
  • Nature lovers that want to capture the beauty in nature.
  • Pet lovers that want great photos of their pets
  • Sports photographers who want to capture the action
  • Artistic photographers who want to be more creative with the cameras settings
  • People who want to share their life with others on Facebook or in a blog
  • Some people just love to take photographs and want to a little help.

If you love photography and taking photos it is so much more fun when you know how to go beyond auto and set the settings.

  • If you are taking photos for someone else you want to do a good job and not mess up.
  • I have people take my workshop after messing up photos of an event for somebody else because they don’t want that to happen again.
  • If you are going to be photographing something for somebody else may I suggest you take this workshop first.
  • Make sure you try out the things you learn in the workshop, have used the ideas and understand them before using them to photograph an event for somebody.

If you are charging money for your photography this photography workshop will help you do a great job for them.

  • I have people take my workshop that had other people see their photographs and asked them to take photos for them.
  • They are making money but not completely sure about all the technical settings.
  • They want to do a good job and have happy customers so they take this workshop.

  “I am very impressed with the professional, yet easily understood, video photography workshop produced by Jerry Hughes. I highly recommend them to those interested in learning all the wonderful things that their digital cameras can do!! It was so exciting to learn that... you don't have to be afraid of your DSLR!!

  I especially liked the way that the videos are segmented with  just the right amount of info included each segment...not too much, causing "brain-overload", but enough to clearly and thoroughly cover the subject(s) being taught.  Your voice and your presentation are both excellent. Clear, interesting expression and not boring!

  I love the study helps, pictorial examples and the convenient printable material to keep close at hand. 5-stars for those alone!

  My favorite aspect of the video workshops is the value in having them at your disposal anytime of the day or night to accommodate busy schedules and the security in knowing that you can review, review, review!! These videos are great photography teaching tools and extremely valuable back-up to your studio workshops. I think your online offering of these videos will be great for people who unable to attend your workshops in person due to location and time restraints.  

  Can you tell that I love my purchase of your workshop courses!?! Thanks so much! I look forward to seeing more teaching videos from you!”

                                             -Joan Porter

Some people buy a great camera thinking it will make them a great photographer then discover they need to learn how to use it.

  • A photographers’ knowledge is more important than their camera.
  • Learning how to set your camera for different subjects and lighting situations is very important.

There are people who spend thousands on photography equipment but still don’t get great photographs because they don’t know how to use it.

  • Investing in learning how to use your digital camera equipment can help you capture great photographs.
  • Photography courses can cost $500. to a $1,000. or more.
  • We have priced our photography workshop at $136. to help you learn the skills you need, to use your digital camera to capture great photographs in different situations.

Now you have a decision to make.

  • You can keep being frustrated using the Auto setting and getting average and sometimes bad photos not knowing how to make them better.
  • or you can download this photography workshop and learn how to set your digital camera for different subjects and lighting situations and take some great photos.

Click on the Buy Now button at the top of this page and learn how to take control of your digital camera and capture great photographs today.

P.S. You’ll also get 3 PDF quick reference worksheets

  • You will get a quick reference card you can print out with the ISO, shutter speed and lens opening settings.
  • To help you see your cameras ISO settings we have a printout you can use to test them.
  • Our quick reference sheet for the top ten settings on your digital camera lets you write down in your words how to set them on your camera.

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  “After taking this workshop, I feel alot more knowledgeable about my camera. The workshop showed pictures, examples, and gave thorough descriptions regarding the camera itself and how to use it. Whether using a point and shoot or DSLR camera, Jerry speaks in detail about how to use each and gain the same effect.

  Another added bonus to this workshop versus others is the enthusiasm of Jerry himself. He is not only knowledgeable about cameras, but brings this vibrant energy that makes you want to keep watching and keep learning-its almost like he's right there, in person with you!

  Whether an advanced user wanting a refresher course or a brand new beginner, I feel this course has something for everyone. I highly recommend it!”


  “I have this great DSLR camera - but before I took Jerry's class, I would have sworn something was wrong with it!  Turns out there was me.  
This video workshop took me from not understanding what all the buttons and dials were for to using the manual setting.  That's right, I said MANUAL!  
  Jerry has an engaging personality and an easy-going teaching style.  
This combo makes the learning fun. If your camera baffles you, and your photos are not so great, take Jerry's workshop - you will be very glad you did!”


“These videos are a great tool for learning everything you need to know about taking great pictures with a DSLR camera. They are perfect for beginners because they are easy to understand and follow along.

  They are also good for advanced students as a refresher course and learning new tricks with their camera and post editing software. I would recommend these videos to anyone interested in advancing their knowledge in the art of Photography!”

                                            -Kim Brumley