Learn the Secret to Creating Amazing Photographs that make people say "Wow!".

  Would you like to learn how to see creatively to create amazing photographs of any subject with any camera including your cell phone camera for the rest of your life?

  Some people are born with a creative eye and take amazing photographs naturally. Unfortunately studies show only 1 out of 10 people are born with a creative eye. 
That means that 9 out of 10 people don't have a creative eye.

 The good news is that I have invented a new way of teaching the creative side of photography that helps everyone learn how to see creatively.
  I have spent a lot amount of time and energy to simplify creativity to 4 Creative Fundamentals: Composition, Angle, Lens Zoom and Lighting. Each creative fundamental has 3 Creative Choices.

Here are my 4 Creative Fundamentals
with 3 Creative Choices Each 

Copyright 2000 © Easy Photo Class All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2000 © Easy Photo Class All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2000 © Easy Photo Class All Rights Reserved

Creative Photography Made Easy Workshop
  Learn how to see creatively and gain a deeper understanding of lighting which can make or break a photograph as well as lens perspective.

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Learning Creativity Like Music
  With music 3 notes combine to create a chord and 4 chords combine to create a song.
  With my photography workshop 
3 Creative Choices combine to create a Creative Fundamental and 4 Creative Fundamentals combine to create a photograph.

  When playing the piano pressing one key creates a single note. How you combine the notes makes the difference. The secret to great photography is how you combine the creative choices. I teach creativity as individual creative choices which are as easy as pressing a single key on a piano.

Develop Your Creative Eye: Inspire, Review & Study
INSPIRE: You can use my Creative Choices to inspire you when taking photographs by reminding you of the different creative choices you can use in different combinations.
REVIEW: You can review my Creative Choices you made in your photographs after you have taken them.
STUDY: You can use my Creative Choices study other photographers work and see what creative choices and creative choice combinations they used when creating their photographs.

Creative Study's
Mini, Medium, In Depth
  With some subjects, you may only take one photo, while with others, you’ll take 2 or 3 photos for a mini creative study. If the subject is particularly interesting to you, take a medium creative study of 4 to 6 photos or an in depth creative study of 7 or more photos.

Technical Settings vs. Creative Choices
Inside Camera vs. In Front of Camera
  The secret to taking amazing photographs is not the technical settings inside the camera, it is the creative choices you make in front of the camera.

 There are two sides to photography. The technical side inside the camera and the creative side in front of the camera. Even if you know all the technical settings on a digital camera your photographs will still be boring unless you were born with a creative eye and make good creative choices.

Technically Good but Creatively Boring
  A photograph can be technically good, not too light or too dark and in focus and still be boring if it has bad creative choices. A photograph can be technically good, not too light or too dark and in focus and still be boring if it has bad creative choices. You need great creative choices to create great photographs.
  A camera can be set on Auto. Creative choices can only be made by the photographer.
  Your creative choices, the angle you choose, where you place the subject in your photograph, how you crop and frame it, your lens perspective and lighting are what makes a photograph beautiful.

  Lighting by itself can make or break a photograph. Learning how to find and use great natural light will make an incredible difference in your photographs.

Two Separate Worlds
  Technical Camera Settings and Creative Choices are two separate worlds. There is no camera setting that will change your camera angle from a low to a high angle. Creative choices are outside a cameras technical controls.

Tech Dad & Creative Daughter
  I was talking with a man who owned a fancy digital camera, who said he knew all the technical settings on it but his photos were boring.
  He said when his 18 year old daughter borrowed his camera she put it on Auto and took amazing photographs.
  The difference is she was born with a natural creative eye and spent her time concentrating on her subject not the camera settings.
  If you are always looking down at your camera to adjust the technical settings you can miss some great moments that happen in front of your camera.
  A photograph can be technically good, not too light or too dark and in focus but still be boring if it has bad creative choices. Technical settings can be set on Auto. Creative choices can only be made by the photographer.
  There is a lot of emphasis on the technical side of photography. I want to make people aware of the importance of the creative side of photography.

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Creative Photography is a Great Social Activity
Create Social Connections Outside of the House
  Creative photography is a great social activity that can get you out of the house and in places where you can meet other people.
  Instead of just standing around you can be looking for great subjects and combinations of creative choices to photograph. Taking photos can be an excuse to be there.

  Conversations may start about you photographing something and looking at different creative choicesYou can show people images you have taken on your cell phone or camera to let them see how creative your photos are.

SHARING PHOTOS & STORIES: You can send your photos from your cell phone to family and friends. You can also tell the story of how you found your subject and the different creative choice combinations you tried to come up with the photograph.

ONLINE SHARING:   You can share your photos online with photo sharing websites like Facebook and Instagram which creates social activity online. You may also want to tell the story behind the photo of how you found the subject and the different creative choices you used to photograph it.

  Always be respectful of other people. If someone asks you not to photograph something, politely say okay, smile and move on.

Creative Photography is a Great Brain Activity
  Creative photography helps you create amazing photographs and get a healthier brain at the same time. Just like dark chocolate tastes great and is good for you it’s a win, win.
  Creative photography helps you get a healthier brain 3 ways by increasing brain activity, physical activity and social activity.

1. Increase Your Brain Activity

  For your brain to exercise it needs unique challenges. Just walking around taking photos is not challenging for the brain. Looking at different creative choices and combinations of creative choices when photographing gives your brain a great workout.   

2. Increase Your Physical Activity

  Increased physical activity is good for your health but also sends more blood to the brain which is good for it. Getting up and moving around to photograph different subjects from different angles increases your physical activityYou can take photos indoors, outdoors and even take a road trip.

3. Increase Your Social Activity

  Social activity is very important for your brain. Going out and taking photos gets you out of the house and you have more of a chance to meet people. You can also do it as an activity with family members and friends.

  You can share your photographs on your Facebook page with family and friends around the world. You can also share your photos on photo sharing websites. Telling the story of how you took the photograph is great for social interaction as well.

Cooking School Disaster

  Imagine going to a cooking school and having the chef tell you that to bake a cake ingredients don’t matter.
  All that matters is that you set the time and temperature in the oven so your cake is not over or under cooked. You can put in any ingredients you want. Ingredients don’t matter.
  This would make no sense. In the same way your creative choices are the ingredients you need to create amazing photographs.

Cooking Show Melt Down

  Imagine a person in a cooking show competition setting their dish down in front of the chef judge. When the chef judge sees it they say it looks terrible, when they taste it and it tastes terrible.
  The person tells the judge they are concentrating on the wrong things. The important thing is that the dish was not undercooked or over cooked.
  How the dish looks and tastes is not important. The ingredients were not important. A teaspoon of salt or cup of salt didn't matter. Only the cooking time and temperature matter.
  This would make no sense. In the same way your creative choices are the ingredients you need to create amazing photographs.

A Recipe Without Ingredients

  In cooking, a recipe has 3 parts. 1. The ingredients, 2. How to mix the ingredients and 3. The time and temperature settings.
  Imagine finding a recipe that has no ingredients, no instructions on how to mix the ingredients and only the oven time and temperature. Here you can see a recipe with ingredients and mixing instructions and a recipe with only time and temperature.

  In the same way you need creative choices as ingredients and mixing instructions for them to create amazing photographs.
  In photography the recipe for a photograph has 3 parts. 1. Creative Choices, 2. Instructions for Mixing/Combining Creative Choices and 3. Technical settings.
  In the first photo recipe you can see Creative choices and Mixing Instructions for them. In the second Photo recipe the only thing you see are the technical settings. 
  Often technical settings are emphasized and the creative choices are forgotten. My creative cards and workshop are very visual making them easier to understand and faster to learn.

Retail $129.95 On Sale $69.95
Super Sale only $29.95 for a limited time

with Coupon Code: Yes

Professional Photographer, Instructor and World Traveler
  My experience as a professional photographer with clients from IBM to Proctor & Gamble as well as fashion photography in Vogue, author of best selling photography books, photography workshop instructor, inventor of patented photography equipment and world traveler have all gone into making Creative Photography Made Easy an amazing photography workshop.  
  I’ve taught photography to people from ambassadors at the United Nations to high school students at national journalism conventions. I also teach Digital Camera, Exposure, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom and other photo software workshops.
  I put the lessons I learned the hard way into this workshop to help you learn the easy way and much faster. In addition to my years of experience I spent a lot of time and energy putting this workshop together with lots of photographs and illustrations to help you learn visually.  

  There are a whole lot of things that I learned about creativity the hard way that I am putting in this workshop to help you learn the easy way and much faster.
  The Creative Photography Made Easy workshop will give you a much deeper understanding of creative photography and take your photography to a whole new level.
  Learning how to see creatively it is a lifetime skill that will help you create amazing photographs of any subject from nature to travel, family, pets and any subject you like to photograph.
  Learning how to see creatively is also your best camera accessory. Your creative eye will work with every camera you own for the rest of your life from cell phone cameras to point & shoot cameras, expensive digital cameras and video cameras.

Your Choice: Boring or Beautiful Photographs
    Would you like to be known as a creative person? Would you like to add some creative fun to your life? Would you like to create a lifetime of boring or  beautiful photographs? You can keep taking photos that are boring or learn how to take beautiful photographs that family and friends will admire and look forward to seeing.

    Studies show that people forget 80% of what they learn in an in person workshop within 2 weeks. In teaching, they say a student must go over the same material at least 8 times to understand it. Having this workshop on your computer lets you go over the material as many times as you need to.
  If you do take a photography workshop in person, taking this workshop first will make you one of the smartest people in the class.

Take at Your Own Pace
      You can take my workshop at your own pace, learning a section, taking a break and then going on to the next section. Sometimes when you don’t use something every day you can forget some of it.
  Once you download this workshop you can review it for years to come as a refresher when important events come up even 5 or 10 years from now. Once you learn how to see creatively you will never look at the world the same way again.

The Power of Creative Combinations
  Simple Creative Choices Combine into Powerful Creative Combinations: Some people look at the simplicity of the creative choices and think they aren’t important.
  The impact of each creative choice is powerful and the combination of all the creative choices together in a photograph is even more powerful. Learning how to combine creative choices helps people learn to think creatively by combining different choices together into different combinations of choices. 

Very Visual Workshop
  My Creative Photography Made Easy Workshop is very visual with lots of comparison photographs and illustrations to make it easier to understand. There are also assignments for each chapter that you can do to help you learn. 
Have More Fun
  You will have more fun creating photos and amaze your friends once you have learned how to see creatively. Get started today learning the creative side of photography.

1. Learn how to see creatively with any camera and any subject for the rest of your life.
2. Create amazing photographs that will make people say "Wow!"
3. Learn how to see creatively like music with 4 Creative Fundamentals and 3 Creative Choices each.
4. Do Creative Study's that are combinations of creative choices.
5. Inspire your photography with different creative choice combinations.
6. Review your photographs creative choices.
Study the creative choices other photographers made when creating their photographs.
Increase your social life going out and creating photographs and sharing your photographs online and in person. A free hobby.
Exercise your brain with unique challenges from choosing different creative combinations. Learn how to think creatively combining visual choices into different combinations.
Take at your own pace and review for years to come.

Take Your Photography to the Next Level
  Learning how to see creatively and create different creative combinations will take your photography to the next level. The ability to see creatively is your best camera accessory.

Retail $129.95 On Sale $69.95
Super Sale only $29.95 for a limited time

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Start Today
  Order this workshop today to start learning how to see creatively and have fun creating amazing photographs that you can share with your family and friends that make them say “Wow!” Click the Order button now!

Boring or Beautiful
  You can keep taking boring photos or learn how to create beautiful photographs. It is more fun to create beautiful photographs. 

Someday vs. Today
  If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you are getting. Are you ready to learn how to get better results and have more fun taking photos that people will love to see?
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  1. Click Order Button 2. Enter Coupon Code: Yes (to save $100.) 3. Download Creative Workshop and learn how to create amazing photographs. 

This Creative Workshop is in a pdf file. 

COMPUTER: When downloading to your computer look for this pdf file in your downloads folder.
iPHONE:  Downloading to an iPhone look for the pdf file in your Download folder.
(Go to the Files app, tap the Browse tab, tap the iCloud drive, tap the downloads folder)

ANDROID PHONE:  Downloading to an Android phone look for the pdf file in the Documents folder.
(Tap on you My Files icon or File Manager, tap on Documents, tap on Download or look in Recent Files at the top of the screen)

One on One and Group Photography Workshops
  I also offer workshops one on one in person and for small groups as well as over the phone. I teach camera and exposure settings, how to see creatively as well as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom software.
  These workshops make a great gift. In person workshops are limited to just a few each month and can be applied for by contacting by email in the Contact area of this website.

Love of Photography
  “As an educator it’s imperative I continue learning myself.  Recently, I had the opportunity to take Jerrys’ photography classes.  My photography knowledge is beginner at best and I was worried I’d be in over my head.  Jerry immediately put the entire classroom (standing room only) at ease with his quick sense of humor and incredible energy.
  He offers up the technical information in easy to understand terms and translates the information into practical scenarios.  I’ve traveled across the country, teaching digital technology and design classes. I’ve encountered numerous educators of all types.   
  Jerrys’ love of photography and years of experience coupled with a unique ease in the classroom make him an outstanding teacher.  The creative process should be fun and Jerry is the truly the definition of fun!”
– Sheri D. Rydyznski-Rizzo

Photo Workshop for United Nations Diplomats & Ambassadors

  “Jerry did a wonderful job.  Before the class, I wasn’t sure what to expect. He went well beyond my expectations, not only entertaining the audience of diplomats, but also patiently teaching them. 

  After listening to lectures all day at the United Nations, diplomats don’t want to listen to another lecture, especially if it is boring.  Jerry had the diplomats eating out of the palm of his hand for 3 hours! 

  He was definitely entertaining and he made learning so easy, it makes me wonder why I haven’t been able to master great pictures before.  I was most impressed with how Jerry handled himself with a wide audience — from a distinguished Ambassador to an elementary school kid (the child of a diplomat.)  We hope to bring him back once a year.”

- Melissa Lewis

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